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Timothy Kyle

Angsty Inspirational Romance



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The Tree House

There are many forbidden things in 1960s Birmingham, Alabama. But nothing is more forbidden than loving outside your race—especially when the person you love is also a family member.

Benny McClain only loved one thing more than his family: football. But growing up in the south becomes more complicated when a neighbor becomes more than just family. 

Penny Jones only found solace in two things: Benny McClain and his treehouse. A childhood defined by loss changes a person. But when loving someone is forbidden by skin color, how can two people reconcile? And how can the unthinkable mistakes of one fateful night ever be undone?


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About Timothy Kyle

Timothy Kyle is a longtime native of Phoenix, Arizona. He's a proud husband and father to three rambunctious pre-teen girls. When he's not writing or making ridiculous social media content, he's pursuing his other passion in life as a tennis coach.

Timothy received his master's degree in exercise science in 2009. He worked for the next decade in the non-profit and education sectors that support individuals with special abilities. He's a proud advocate of the special needs community and women's rights. 

He never made a conscious decision to write in the New Adult/Contemporary Romance genre. It just happened organically. His readers will go through a turbulent, emotionally-charged journey in his love stories.  His one promise to all of his readers is plenty of suspense and a "happily ever after" that will have them swimming in happy tears.

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