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All Ellie Merkowitz has ever known is living a sheltered upbringing. But that’s her normal life as a
subservient, Orthodox Jewish woman. Her future is already laid out. Ellie will marry, have many
children, and be giving to her husband and family. That is, until everything changed with one
dream, and an unexpected trip in the middle of the night to meet the boy next door.

Now, Ellie wants more out of her life. But as a recent high school graduate she must first escape her
narcissistic father. And more than anything, she needs answers on her troubled past and the
dreams that have been haunting her for years.

Falling in love with your neighbor was never the plan for David Cohen—neither was helping her
escape the night terrors that haunt her dreams. But he had no choice. After all, the girl in the
red wig was never supposed to keep showing up in the middle of the night. But Ellie’s dreams
had other intentions. And she kept finding David.

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