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I am a longtime native of Phoenix, Arizona. I received my master’s degree in Exercise Science in 2009 from San Diego State University. For the next decade I worked in the education and non-profit sectors. 

After leaving the teaching profession in 2019 I took up writing as a hobby while I stayed at home to be a full-time dad to my three daughters. I never made a conscious decision to write in the New Adult/Contemporary Romance genre. It just happened organically. My goal in writing is to make my stories as real and as authentic as they can be. The reader will go through a turbulent journey in my love stories. My hope is they fall in love with the characters as much as I do.  

I am a proud feminist man who writes in a genre dominated by female writers. My stories have a unique voice and perspective that goes beyond the common romantic tropes and typical romance novels. There is a little bit of suspense, darkness, and yes...a little bit of spice.


My one promise to my readers is a "happily ever after" that will have them swimming in happy tears.

Why I write romance
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Why I write Romance?

I write love stories because as a writer there’s not a greater high then getting to that happily ever after ending. I feel like this genre allows readers the greatest opportunity to fall in love with the characters and become fully vested in their journeys.

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What it means to be a Male Feminist Author?

It means my writing will represent EVERYONE! This includes different sexual orientations, different abilities, differing religious beliefs and the idea that it’s okay to not be okay. It also means my heroines are resilient and bad ass!


The types of books I write?

I write angsty inspirational romance with a little bit of spice. My tropes range from forbidden lovers to childhood friends to lovers. Each of my stories has dark themes and highly emotional journeys. I believe a good HEA has to be earned by the reader.   

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